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If you want to send daily emails, and make it the center of your business, there is one skill you must master… it is HOT Email List Building

This book shares…

  • 7 ways to put 100s and even 1000s of leads on your email list already 'primed' to buy your offers

  • The almost fool-proof way to stop using ads, social media, or the “free content” hamster wheel for list creation

  • An exclusive reverse framework for building hot, highly-targeted lists of your ideal clients

  • How to pre-curate a list to anoint you as the solution to their problems

  • The secret method that gets you paid while building your list

For the past 5 years I have been (accidentally) building what Some Might Call The Lazy Man's Guide to List Building

Lazy in the sense, that is does NOT require...

  • Learning how to run ads

  • Budget any type of ad spend (you can of course, but I doubt you will want to)

  • Creating any cockamamie free content

  • Or begging on Social Media

Simply the desire to succeed and grow your business

In fact...

  • It is the only system I used in 2023, when I started a software subscription business that went to multiple six figures in 8 months

  • In 3 months alone, it brought in 10,000 email addresses, and another near six-figure revenue payday (unrelated to my software).

  • I was more or less paid to collect those emails, and you can do it as easy as I can.

What I love the most is I get to

  • Use the system over and over, every month or so

  • It helps me meet new JV Partners (who already have the perfect audience for my offers)

  • Doesn't cause conflicts if we offer similar products

  • AND removes the need to spend time "attracting" and then "nurturing" leads

It simply removes those two pieces, and brings in HOT, Highly-targeted emails, that are happy to learn more from me and be a part of my list.

I am also including my Authority Hub Training from my Author Business School Masterclass

The Authority Hub Masterclass

From my private Author Business School training. This is normally only available to Pubfunnels Subscribers. This will help cement the concepts of the book in more detail.

It even includes a backstage view of how I run my Authority Hubs. But also shares...

  • Decoding the Authority Hub

  • Building one or multiple Authority Funnels

  • Customize an Authority Hub to your Skillset

  • Put the Hub on Autopilot

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While the gettin is good

Ray Brehm

Ray is a USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestseller Author, and the Founder of Pubfunnels™, the #1 Business Hub for Authors.

His goal is to help authors and entrepreneurs massively grow their lists, businesses and readerships.

@ Ray Brehm™ 2024.